Our History

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Our roots span from your front yard to over 100 years back. It all began as a general store in a small Georgia town, and since then we have become one of the largest suppliers of sod in the nation.
  • patten-general-store-1900s-1

    Robert L. Patten opens a general store in Lakeland, Georgia

    Patten Seed Company began with Robert L. Patten, a school teacher who opened a general store in Lakeland, Georgia, circa 1892. In the heart of downtown Lakeland, the store offered not only seed and fertilizer, but everything from horse collars to caskets.

    Robert’s only son, Lawson, took over his father’s store but continued to dabble in other agricultural side projects, including a seed-cleaning plant that has been in use since 1946.

  • 1946

    Lawson Patten builds his seed-cleaning plant

  • 1947

    Bill Roquemore, WWII bomber pilot, joins the Patten family and begins to expand the business

    Lawson had three children, one of them a daughter who married Bill Roquemore. Previously a World War II bomber pilot, Bill became involved in the Patten family’s business and was the entrepreneur, visionary, and “people person” who catapulted Patten Seed into the successful family business it is today.
  • 1954

    Patten is the first to market Centipede grass seed, trademarked as Centi-Seed

  • 1954
    Patten Seed Company is incorporated

    Patten Seed Company is incorporated

  • 1958

    Patten Seed becomes the major grower and supplier of improved turf type Bermuda grasses

    Beginning in 1958 Patten Seed became the major grower and supplier of improved turf type Bermuda grasses to golf courses, athletic fields and lawn areas in the warm season areas of the world.
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    Sod introduced

    The primary products of Patten Seed were originally Centi-Seed and Bermudagrass sprigs, though the company did supply sod on a smaller scale beginning in 1965. Due to urban growth, the demand for sod began to rise in the late 1960s.

  • 1965

    Canongate group of private golf clubs begins

    Beginning in 1965 Bill Roquemore and Patten Seed began building and operating the Canongate group of private golf clubs in the Atlanta area. The company sold the group in 2004. At the time it included 10 golf courses and 8,400 members.
  • 1971

    Ben Copeland, Sr., joins Patten Seed - beginning the Copeland & Roquemore family partnership

  • 1975

    Jim Roquemore begins working full time

    Jim Roquemore began working full time for the company in 1975 after spending summers working part time through high school and college.
  • 1980
    Super-Sod Logo

    Super-Sod brand is introduced to market sod in expanding urban markets

    Sod became the company's primary product, signaling the creation of the Super-Sod brand
  • 1980

    Expansion into South Carolina

    Our sod farm in Orangeburg was established this year.
  • 1984

    The first Super-Sod retail store opens in Atlanta

  • 1994

    Ben Copeland, Jr joins Patten Seed Company full time

    Ben graduated with a degree in Horticulture from UGA. He is now company CEO and has overseen rapid expansion and adaption of cutting-edge farming and administration technology.
  • 1996

    North Carolina expansion begins

    North Carolina expansion begins
  • SOIL3street

    Soil3 Organic Humus Compost introduced for better gardens and Lifetime Lawns

    Ben Copeland, Jr., began developing a humus compost for use in the sod fields that lacked sufficient organic matter. The wild success of this organic compost led to the 2012 introduction of the Soil3 brand. Cubic yard BigYellowBags of the soil are now helping to improve lawns and gardens across the Southeast.

  • 2015
    TifTuf Certified Bermudagrass

    TifTuf introduced to the product lineup

    Super-Sod is one of the first to sell TifTuf drought-tolerant Bermudagrass, an industry game changer.
  • 2021

    Expansion into Tennessee

    Purchased Mid Tenn Turf and opened stores in Nashville and Knoxville.
  • 2022

    Expansion into Alabama

    Purchased Frog Pond Turf and opened a store in Birmingham.
  • 2023

    Headquarters moves to Charleston, SC

    “Charleston is central to our current footprint throughout the southeastern United States. As we continue to grow, it was important to centralize the senior management team and take advantage of a robust hiring market. Vibrant companies need vibrant cities.” - CEO Ben Copeland Jr.
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    Family & Employee owned and operated

    Today the Roquemores and Copelands run the privately held, family and employee-owned business of Patten Seed Company and its subsidiary Super-Sod. Under this leadership, the product offerings have expanded along with the number of stores across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and The Carolinas.