The Benefits of Following a Lawn Maintenance Schedule

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You know that neighbor. The lawn expert on your street who always seems to have a dreamy, green lawn. You can probably think of that one yard that gets stuck on the HOA hit list for letting their grass get a little out of hand, too.

The difference between the two is someone who follows a strict maintenance schedule.


What is a Lawn Maintenance Schedule?

A lawn maintenance schedule is a monthly checklist of the best practices for a healthy lawn. Depending on grass variety, growing season, and whether you practice organic lawn care, maintenance schedules can vary.

This schedule is important because it can ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of nutrients at the correct time of the year. A maintenance routine also helps prevent disease, insects, and weeds from invading your lawn and requiring even more (and more expensive) chemicals.


Why Is a Lawn Chemical Schedule Important?

We send out monthly lawn tips to our faithful customers each month because we believe in the necessity of a detailed guide. Because grass is a living thing, it requires meticulous care – just like your own health.

Think of having your blood drawn before a doctor’s appointment. This is the equivalent of performing a soil test on your lawn. It helps determine if there’s too much or too little of something and makes it possible to determine the best “prescription” to cure problems.

As with our own health, prevention is easier and cheaper than curing a disease. You can avoid several potential problems by staying on a maintenance schedule with the correct nutrients.


Why Is a Mowing Schedule Necessary?

I was trying to dream up a health analogy about mowing, but the only one that comes to mind is trimming your hair regularly. However, I don’t want to give you the impression that your lawn ever looks better with some length. 

Long blades of grass are good for neither you nor your lawn. A mowing schedule is important because grass at a proper height is less susceptible to scalping and thatch, while it also allows for a cleaner-looking lawn.

If you don’t know your mowing height, don’t fret. We’ve included the correct mowing heights and intervals for warm season grasses in the summer.

*Note: Elite Tall Fescue is meant to be tall, but that’s a special case for this cool season grass variety that you can read about here.


What Happens If I Follow the Maintenance Schedule?

Dave in Raleigh follows our maintenance schedule religiously. To say he’s grass-obsessed is fair. He does think about grass at least 5 days out of every week because he works for Super-Sod. However, it doesn’t take a grass company employee to maintain a lawn like this.

Dave installed TifTuf Bermuda on April 30, 2016, not too long after its debut on the market. He’s been following our prescribed TifTuf maintenance guide ever since.

He installed a robotic lawn mower earlier this year. The result of both chemical control and continuous mowing is nothing short of professional quality. 

Dave lawn mowed with robotic lawn mower Raleigh

Was Dave a turf expert before he began working here? No, he’s actually a truck driver who happens to have a gorgeous lawn! Take it from Dave, a lovely lawn is achievable even for a beginner. 

Get a Lawn Like Dave’s

If you’re convinced it’s time to implement a maintenance schedule for your own lawn, we would be delighted to help!

How do you get started? First, take a glance at the Maintenance Guide for your grass type. Now that you have a pretty good idea of the lawn care overview for the year, sign up for our monthly lawn tips to be delivered to your inbox. These tips are specifically written for your Southeastern lawn and include advice on gardening and lawn care for current weather conditions.  

Finally, invest in an robotic lawn mower. It makes life so much easier by giving you an always-mowed lawn with minimal effort - especially important in the heat of summer!


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