Family Lawn Games from Our Yards to Yours

By Edy Copeland, Guest Blogger and Super-Sod Summer Intern

Here at Super-Sod we love spending our lazy summer nights enjoying our beautiful turfgrasses. One of our favorite ways to do that is with lawn games. Our livable lawns provide us endless fun and enjoyment - no shoes required! Today we’re sharing a few of our picks for games.


Spikeball is a popular new game that’s a big hit with our families.

It consists of a circular net and a small rubber ball. The object of the game is to tap the ball onto the net and get your opponents out by creating a bounce they can’t knock back.

We highly recommend playing this game on a lush lawn like a Zoysiagrass so you have plenty of cushion when you dive for the ball. 

Learn how to make Spikeball part of your family lawn fun.


kanjam on a tiftuf lawnThis flying disc game is truly fun for the whole family. It’s a game that all ages and skills can play and love.

Composed of two bucket-like goals with open tops and an opening in the center, members of each team throw a Frisbee with the goal of making it into the bucket one way or another. Teammates stand at opposite end of the playing field and can attempt to knock the Frisbee into the goals with their hands. 

There’s a lot of fun jumps and running involved. We promise you’ll be laughing all night long! A fun bonus to this game is the ability to decorate the goals with anything you want. Ours are stunning in that signature Super-Sod yellow and green. 

Learn more about KanJam on the official site.


This Finnish game is a new favorite at the homes of Super-Sod employees. 

A twist on bowling, this game consists of twelve pins and a rounded pin used as a “bowling ball.” The twelve numbered pins are set up in a certain order and then the rounded pin is thrown by competitors to knock them over. If just one pin is knocked over, the player receives the same number of points as is written on the top of the pin. However, if the player knocks over several pins, they receive the same number of points as the number of pins that have fully fallen over. To win, a player must reach exactly 50 points. If they score anything over fifty their score is knocked down to 25.

If the game gets too serious and results in any lawn damage don’t worry! High traffic grasses like TifTuf grow right back!

Bring some Finnish culture to your yard.

Corn Hole

TifTuf corn holeCorn hole is so beloved by our crew that we had special boards made to celebrate our TifTuf Bermuda grass! Really the best way to play this game is on a lawn of beautiful TifTuf maintained by our robotic lawn mower.

Corn hole is a well-known game of skill but is laid back enough to be so enjoyable. Teams of two divide and stand at opposite ends of the playing area then attempt to throw bean bags into the hole of the board on the opposite side. You really can’t go wrong with this classic! 

See all the rules behind corn hole.

Bocce Ball

This timeless Italian game is a classic choice and is loads of fun. A healthy lawn adds a fun twist to the game normally played on sand with the added bonus of no sandy feet. 

To play bocce, players divide into teams and one member of a team throws the “jack,” a small ball. From then on the object of each team is to score points by landing their balls closest to the “jack.” 

Knocking other teammates balls and the “jack” lead to some serious competitive fun that will have the whole family cheering.

Get in on some bocce ball action.


Make Your Lawn a Playground

Now that you’ll be spending so much time on your lawn learning new games and playing some familiar ones, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is in top condition. Find your grass type in our Lawn Maintenance Guides to read best practices to care for your lawn year round. If you’re looking for a completely new lawn, give us a call and we'll help you select the ideal turf to create a place for games that will last years to come.  

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