Pull the Plug on Zoysia Grass Plugs

There are Better Alternative to Plugs

Planting Zoysia grass plugs is time-consuming, back-breaking, hard work. It will consume days with hauling and proper storage of plugs, then there's the painstaking plug planting. All that to have to wait three or more years for the plugs to fill in.

There are much better ways of getting a Zenith Zoysia lawn!

Zenith seed is a cost-effective option that can be shipped to you in the mail. It takes longer to establish than sod, but it's still years faster than plugs.

Zenith sod costs more upfront to purchase, but it's a fast solution and offers instant gratification and curb appeal. Sod covers bare dirt like carpet and it even resolves erosion problems before it's rooted in.

Do You Really Have Time for Those Little Zoysia Plugs to Fill in?

With plugs, progress is slow. If planted at the recommended 1 plug per square foot, it can take three years for plugs to grow into an established lawn.

With Zenith seed, time from seeding to enjoyment of an established lawn is one growing season (when planted as early as possible in the spring – after last frost).

With Zenith sod, visual gratification is instant and you can walk on it immediately. If you're having a gathering it can be utilized for more foot traffic as soon as it's rooted, which will be within weeks during the growing season. For those selling a home, the curb appeal is instant.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Zoysia Lawn From Seed or Sod

Because seed and sod are quicker to establish than plugs, the reduced timeframe offers these added benefits:

  • Reduced costs in reduced watering during establishment and reduced weed control (less bare dirt for weeds to germinate in)
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduced wait for your luxurious dense green lawn – the envy of your neighborhood!

before after Zenith in Raleigh

Zoysia sod offers instant gratification and reduced inputs!