TifBlair Super-Wrapped Technology

Patten Seed Company/Super-Sod has made seeding a TifBlair Centipede lawn more successful by introducing the unique Super-Wrapped® technology. 

Super-Wrapped logo
What is Super-Wrapped technology?

  • The addition of disease protection (fungicide) to the seed coating
  • The addition of nutrients and root stimulants to the seed coating
  • The ability to distribute seed evenly and accurately
  • Assurance that your seeds will germinate and establish a lush lawn

What does Super-Wrapped Technology provide?

  • A uniform lawn
  • Best growth
  • Quicker cover


Does the seed wrap help the seed absorb moisture?

Yes, absorbed water is held near the seed.

Does the wrap help the seed germinate faster and cause more seeds to germinate and persist as healthy plants?

Though germination time is usually the same, you may notice emerged seedlings earlier. Because of better placement and protection from disease, a higher percentage of seed will germinate and grow. Super-Wrapping “makes every seed count.”

Does the wrap contain nutrients?

Yes, the wrap contains a nutrient source that will be readily available to the emerging seedling roots.

Does the wrap decrease the need for a fertilized planting area? 

No, the Super-Wrapped nutrients will only be available to the seedling in its very early stages; it does not replace the need for a good starter fertilizer.

Does the wrap make planting easier and better?

Yes to both. Planting will be easier because there will be no need to bulk up seed with sand. Because wrapped seed are heavier and denser, they are thrown farther and more uniformly, thus producing a more uniform cover.

Does the wrap contain fungicide?

Yes, seed is coated with Apron for damping off and Pythium control in seedlings.

Does the wrap stimulate root growth?

Yes, the wrap contains a natural growth hormone.