TifBlair Development Story

For 57 years Patten Seed Company/Super-Sod produced and marketed high quality Centipede sod grown from our own Centi-Seed seed. Millions of lawns have been established with Centi-Seed.

The ongoing search for improvement in Centipede turfgrass recently resulted in Dr. Wayne Hanna at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia, releasing TifBlair Centipede turfgrass.

Landscapes featuring TifBlair Centipede grass sod, from the transition zone south, have now proven TifBlair Centipede turfgrass to be an improved Centipede turfgrass variety, thus earning TifBlair the honor of going to market in our branded Centi-Seed Bag - the first variety change since Centi-Seed was first marketed in 1954.

In addition to improved performance characteristics, TifBlair Centipede is also the first Georgia Certified Centipede turfgrass ever. The “blue seed tag certificate” guarantees that the TifBlair sod or seed you purchase was grown from genetically pure TifBlair seed. Be sure to look for the certification tag when you buy TifBlair sod or seed.

TifBlair™ and Centi-Seed® are trademarks owned by Patten Seed Company.