Compost-Topdressing vs. Leveling-Topdressing

Topdressing of turf could mean one of two techniques, either compost topdressing to add nutrition or topdressing to level to make a flatter lawn without bumps. We'll explain the difference.

Compost Topdressing for Nutrition

One meaning is compost-topdressing with a very thin layer of compost to provide nutrients. To learn about compost-topdressing, follow this link offsite to our Soil³ product page: Topdressing with Soil3. The featured picture shows a before/after of compost topdressing with Soil³.

Topdressing to Level a Lawn

The other meaning of topdressing is to level sod, that's why we're calling it leveling-topdressing. This is when a thick layer (no more than 1/2 of the blade height) of sand or topsoil is spread over turf with the intention of improving the surface texture of the land under the turf - to even out bumps and depressions. The goal of topdressing like this is to create a smooth playing surface, commonly done on sports field and golf courses, and is often necessary to smooth newly established home and commercials lawns. Topdressing for evening out turf requires a thicker layer of topdressing material (compared with compost-topdressing as a fertilizer application).

So that you can level your lawn and provide nutrition at the same time, we developed a mixture that's 70% sand and 30% Soil³ organic compost.  It's called Level Mix and sold in a 1 cubic yard BigYellowBag. Instructions on how to use Level Mix and where to purchase it can be found on our sister website, How to Level Your Yard with Soil3's Level Mix.