How to Topdress and Level a Lawn

Sometimes it's necessary to topdress sod with a mixture of sand and compost to fill in low spots and make a smooth lawn.

This video above shows you how to topdress with our Soil³ Level Mix.

When to Topdress With Level Mix:

Topdress with Level Mix to level a warm season lawn when it's actively growing, after spring green-up. August is the last month for topdressing because in September, with cooler nights, warm season lawns start going dormant.

Tall Fescue lawns are not topdressed with Level Mix; for those types of lawns we recommend topdressing with Soil³ compost to provide nutrients during its prime growing season of fall through early spring (in the Southeast).


  • Mow and dethatch your lawn before topdressing
  • Broadcast Level Mix over lawn with a shovel or compost spreader
  • Spread Level Mix to a depth of .25 - .50 of an inch
  • Never completely cover your grass with Level Mix
  • Use a push broom to work mix into the grass
  • Water lawn to further help Level Mix settle in and to promote growth

We filmed our own video above, but our turfgrass friend Ron Henry also filmed a helpful how-to video about leveling warm season lawns. He shows you how to use a leveling rake, how to use frisbees to protect your sprinklers, and different ways to disperse Level Mix.

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