Experts Agree

Experts, house shoppers, and YOU agree that quality landscaping increases curb appeal. Your lawn is the biggest component of your landscaping and AAA reports that a Lush Lawn is #1. AAA also recommends laying fresh sod to spruce up your lawn, and other sections herein tell you exactly how to lay sod (How to Lay Sod).

Landscaping can add between 15 to 20% to a home's value. - The Lawn Institute
Homes with "excellent" landscaping can expect a sale price about 6 to 7% higher than equivalent houses with "good" landscaping, while improving from "average" to "good" can result in a 4 to 5 percent increase. - Clemson University
Landscaping can bring a recover value of 100 to 200% at selling time. Kitchen remodeling brings 75 to 125% recovery rate, bathroom remodeling a 20 to 120% recovery rate, and addition of a swimming pool a 20 to 50% recovery rate. - Money Magazine

How can Super-Sod help me improve my home value?

  • Make a home visit and lawn analysis (in store areas only)
  • Help you select the right low-maintenance Lifetime Lawn
  • Recommend lawn improvements
  • Answer all of your lawn and landscape questions

Contact your local Super-Sod store today to discuss how we can help you maintain and increase your home value.