Penkoted Technology for Tall Fescue Seeds

Tall Fescue Seed With Penkoted Technology

Super-Sod's Elite Tall Fescue seed features Penkoted Technology for disease resistance.

Benefits of Penkoted Elite Tall Fescue seed:

  • Coated with a protective fungicide
  • Grass is most vulnerable to fungus during the early stages of growth
  • Establishes faster during the early growth period
  • Improves the seed's ability to grow into a healthy lawn

Penkoted is a trademark of Pennington Seed, Inc.

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Now that you know what to look for when purchasing your seed, you’re ready to go!

Starting a new Fescue lawn from scratch? Watch this video for all the right steps. 

Overseeding the Fescue lawn you already have? We have a video for that, too! 

Once you’re armed with all this knowledge, make a visit to your local Super-Sod store to pick up Elite Tall Fescue seed, fertilizer or Soil3 organic compost, and lime. Some of our stores even have package deals happening now. Find your store to see what they have in stock!